Dubai Mall, UAE

We were pleased to have over 300 metres of our 3000K Fortis LED luminaire specified by lighting designer, Studio Lumen. We have worked them many times before and this brief was particularly special. It was for the exterior façade of one of the major landmarks in the UAE, the Dubai Mall. 

The LED system was powered by 24V Meanwell power supplies, mounted up to 20-30m away. Typically, cable distances of this length are not possible with 24V, as there can be voltage drop, meaning the furthest LEDs do not receive enough volts and there’s a drop off in lumen output.

Our technical team spent time making sure this didn’t happen using precise electrical calculations and increasing the output to counter any volt drop.

The luminaires were to edge light the large rectangular features on the mall’s exterior. With the extremes in the heat of the desert, it was important that any luminaire specified would withstand the 50° temperatures and the occasional heavy rain and sandstorms that can spontaneously hit the UAE.

Our IP67 17W Fortis product ticks all these boxes, ensuring a stunning effect and a maintenance-free installation, which is important where access is also a concern. With thousands of daily visitors, maintenance is not practical or conducive to the customer’s experience.

This Dubai Mall is now the world’s largest shopping mall following an expansion. It boasts six floors, covering 502,000 square metres of retail space, with over 1,200 stores and services, and 14,000 parking spaces.


The exterior of the mall reflects the luxury and scale of the interiors. Façade lighting makes the mall stand out on the Dubai skyline.

The project was delivered with the support of our UAE partners, Advance Lighting, who supplied to Scientechnic. Good communications meant the project was delivered on time and within budget, creating the stunning exterior appearance.


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