Radisson Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Over 300mtrs of our Xtreme (KL-XTR-MLV100) Cold Cathode was specified to highlight the curved facade of Radisson's latest hotel in the exciting city of Dubai during 2005.


Becuase of the exterior location of the lamps on the facade, future maintenance was a real concern. But with lamplife in excess of 50,000hrs, this was not such an issue, but the location of the transformers was. If they were to fail, then it was important to gain easy access to these to replace them, and installing them next to the lamps was simply not possible. The Xtreme range allows remote mounting of Transformers, upto 60mtrs from the lamps, so these were installed within a switchroom at head height to facilitate ease of future maintenance.


The high temperatures in the region of the Middle East are always a major concern to consultants, but there are no concerns with Xtreme. Indeed the lamps perform better in warmer climates, and the humidity does not cause any detrimental effects towards the lamps either.

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